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Saw in a developer's feed.

I tried to find what was it exactly that Tucker has said that has upset the twittersphere so. It wasn't easy. Fox, which publishes some of Tucker's clips, doesn't seem to have published the segment they refer to. There is a fair share of clips debunking Tucker, including the one by the CNN, in which Dr Gupta thanks the hosts for not playing Tucker's exact words, so that they don't him a wider platform (imagine how feeble-minded they imagine their audience to be). Finally, today I noticed that someone has posted Tucker's segment on the vaccines. I am not completely sure it's the one that was so upsetting to the people, but I believe it is, because Tucker mentions a system called VAERS in it, which John Oliver then mentioned in his rebuttal:

Don't know how long before this clip gets pulled down due to either Fox's copyright infringement or someone's offended sensibilities. I give it probably a day or so. Again, what is remarkable is the intensity of anger aimed at Tucker, given that his monologue is largely in line with what someone like Bret Weinstein could have said. Which doesn't mean, of course, that he may not be engaging in a post hoc ergo propter hoc kind of fallacy.

By the way, did Kamala really say "If Donald Trump tells us we should take the vaccine, I'm not going to take it"? The hideous political creature, if true.

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