Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Another conscientious objector figure that has emerged recently. Paul Rossi, a math teacher who has gotten himself in disfavor with his school's administration by allowing himself and his students to question the narrative that's being taught to them. After the unpleasantness that ensued he contacted Bari Weiss about his situation, and she invited him to publish his story in her substack. As he tells Dave Rubin, he first wrote around 5000 words, which Weiss then edited down (apparently even on Substack, which doesn't suffer from the space limitations of a physical newspaper, you need to be concise); and published it on April 13. Again, as he tells Rubin, by April 14, his school already knew of that article — which means that someone at his school or connected with the school reads Weiss's substack after all.

He appeared on at least two podcasts since then. One was a two-hour conversation with Jordan Peterson:

the other was a 25-minute conversation with Dave Rubin:

This offers another glimpse into the inner workings of a school.

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