Andrey (azangru) wrote,

On the ideology in the industry:

A guest on a podcast: There was a thread on Twitter the other day, with Adam Rackis, and he had made a comment about how if he saw, like, a huge stack of resumes, how do you like syphon out candidates who will be successful in a role, and how do you prioritize them as interviewees — and he made a comment about, like, well, if I saw, you know, a resume with candidate who went to Harvard and graduated with a computer science degree, like, I would prioritize them. And I am like, do you understand, like, the privilege that comes along with that? Because not everyone can go to college at all, let alone Harvard. And just because someone comes from a college degree or an Ivy league school does not mean that they have the skills necessary, or the drive for that matter... (link, at around 3:50)

The twitter exchange that she mentions must be this one:

Remember the time when degrees from prestigious schools were supposed to impress people? At least by implying that the person had whatever it took to go past the admissions committee — and then to eventually complete the program? Well, this is called privilege now. Although I don't know whether the effort to downplay the significance of a degree from a brandname school will be sufficient to counteract whatever it is that supposedly makes those schools stand out as a seal of quality.

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