Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Youtube suggested to me John Oliver's monologue on Tucker Carlson. I found it mostly vengeful and pathetic, and largely pointless, because Oliver's audience already hates Tucker's guts, whereas Tucker's audience would never be convinced by this eclectic assortment of clips, mostly taken out of context, and stitched together with praises by some odious people. Oliver even finds this quote from Tucker reprehensible:

Tucker: But I also think that if things radically change in your country it's ok for you to say, what is this? Maybe I don't want to live in a country that looks nothing like the country I grew up in. Is that bigoted?
Oliver: Yeah. Yeah, it is.

Which reminded me of a thought that I had that the phrase "our democracy" ("a threat to our democracy", etc.) is conservative by its very nature — it assumes prior existence of something valuable (compare to Tucker's "the country I grew up in"), and announces intent of its protection. But of course, because of its positive connotations, it is freely used by both the right and the left.


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