Andrey (azangru) wrote,

From Bad Voltage, episode 3.23, where Jono is recounting his experience with advertising his webinar on Facebook (about 12 minutes in):

For example, I made an ad which was just me talking quite professionally to a camera with overlay graphics and all that kind of stuff. And it didn't work, at all. And the Facebook advertising dude was like, "just grab your phone and record a video with wobbly cam, and just share three tips about how to do content effectively." And that converted enormously.

This blew my mind a bit, because I've been seeing such kinds of ads, recorded on a wobbly phone cam, on youtube lately, and have been mildly surprised by the lack of production effort. It would have never occurred to me that this is probably a deliberate tactic and that such kind of ads may be outperforming the regular professionally shot ones by a significant margin.

P.S.: on a different topic, I've started noticing about myself that I am making typos which are either homonyms or somewhere in the phonetic ballpark of the intended words. For example, I've just typed "blue my mind". And I also remember recently typing "town" instead of "tone" ("town of voice" or something). There were other examples that I forgot. Worried what's going on with those old neurons of mine.

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