Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Another example of when developing/debugging experience with Firefox is unexpectedly superior to Chrome.

Playing with a custom element that doesn't want to change its height. Tried the percentages first, then capitulated and tried an arbitrary absolute value in pixels, but the stubborn custom element wouldn't budge. Staring stupidly at Chrome dev tools:

Why, why wouldn't you change your height, you little piece of shit? Have I mistyped the word height? Did I forget some fundamental truth about custom elements? Have I gone mad? Has Chrome gone mad? Only one way to test the latter...

...opens in Firefox...

Oh! Oh look, the height is all greyed out, and there is an info button next to it. It's trying to tell me something:


Oh, custom elements have display inline by default. How silly of me. Chrome could have told me this too, right? It could have. But it didn't.

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