Andrey (azangru) wrote,

I have only recently become aware of the audience engagement techniques that twitch streamers are using. They would create automatic overlays that would appear on the screen in response to some actions from the audience. Sometimes it's in response to a new subscription or a like. Sometimes it's in response to a command that a viewer would type in the chat. I don't know whether a viewer needs to have a special status to activate those easter egg commands or whether this is available to any user. But the result is so chaotic it's terrifying. Imagine, as an analogy, having a conversation in front of an audience when someone from the audience demands you do ten squats. Or blows a horn. Or throws an apple in your general direction. Or sprinkles confetti. I can't imagine why streamers and their audiences like this. It's some next level of not taking oneself seriously. A completely different subculture!


or this twitch stream by ThePrimeagen

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