Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Bret Weinstein starts the 69th episode of his Dark Horse podcast by recounting his experience in a Clubhouse room a day earlier, which he describes as a coup by the woke crowd (the initiator of the conversation either left or got booted by a person whom he made a moderator.

Knowing that Clubhouse conversations are ephemeral, I was amazed to find the record of that event on youtube — I guess someone found a way to record it while it was going on. The encounter with Bret, when he is called on the stage, happens around 2h 45min in. If this recording doesn't get deleted — it's an interesting document both of how these people talk and of how incompatible their conversation style — quick, impatient, unreflexive, armed with terminological cliches, leaping to conclusions (is it what clip mentality sounds like?) — is with Bret's style — painfully slow, cautious, laborious and convoluted. The people who interrogate him for a couple of minutes and then lose patience and boot him out with disgust think (or pretend to think) that he was wiggling out of answers, whereas he, from his perspective, was not even given an opportunity to start.


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