Andrey (azangru) wrote,

From today's questions to the Prime Minister:

Mr Speaker, today, millions of Uyghur people in China live in fear under a cruel regime. The BBC, international media, and human rights NGOs are all reporting on force labor camps, women being raped and sterilized, and families being separated.

I've already noted how strange it is to me that politicians in one country care about how a faraway country oppresses its people, but never mind

This is a genocide happening in front of our eyes. So does the Prime Minister agree with me that, unless China ends this genocide, Britain...

What, what should Britain do? Lead an expeditionary force to free the downtrodden Uyghurs from the Chinese yoke? Refuse to have any trade with China? Sever all diplomatic relationships? What's Britain to do in face of a genocide happening right in front of its eyes?

[here’s what]
...Britain and team GB should boycott the Winter Olympics in Beijing next year.

Oh yes. How very scary to the Chinese. How very helpful to the Uyghurs.

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