Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Achievement unlocked: today, for the first time, I wrote an asynchronous iterator. Using an async generator (also for the first time; I never felt a need for them before), nothing as fancy as writing it completely from scratch as an object with Symbol.asyncIterator. I wanted to transform an array of strings into a chain of sequentially executed promises. Previously, I would have used a .reduce starting with a Promise.resolve(). But this time, I tried the async generator syntax, and it seems to have worked beautifully.

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    Which/whose corporate interests is he talking about? Which corporations are interested in what? I am so confused.

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    Two appearances of Noam Chomsky, in which he goes hard on the unvaccinated. Take, traffic rules, he says. Suppose, he says, I don't want to…

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    Joe Rogan's episode with Michael Shellenberger is very good.

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