Andrey (azangru) wrote,

I really like Neil Gaiman's voice — it has a very melodic and dreamy quality to it, which makes it very song-like. Not a singsong Welsh accent, not a northern accents with a high rising terminal, but a different kind of song — a slow, measured rhythm, with elongated nasals and delayed plosives. I don't know if it's a regional dialect or his own invention. Jon Ronson, whose book I listened to over a year ago, has a similar voice pattern, but he comes from a different place than Gaiman.

Anyway, today, listening to Gaiman, I learnt that he had had a lisp. He says he used to take elocution lessons when he was a boy (and remembers a lovely line from his teacher, who said to him "Neil, dear, before you can be eccentric, you need to know where the circle is"). Which reminded me of Stephen King's novella If It Bleeds, where the outworldly antagonist also used to have a lisp, but then corrected it and, as an overcompensation, developed a slight delay before the s's.

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