Andrey (azangru) wrote,

A bit of JS archeology: RxJS core contributors (Ben and Jay) are discussing with the Angular team from Google whether they should tweak RxJS somehow to support zone.js (an obscure concept/library adopted by Angular that I have never properly researched). I wonder if Angular 2 was even out or this was happening even in the earlier days. The funniest bit is the reverence, close to the end, that both Ben and Igor Minar (Angular) express towards their project leads: Jafar Husein and Misko Hevery.

Jay is no longer on the core team, and Jafar has since moved to Facebook and also fallen off the RxJS world.

P.S.: According to Ben's recollections in one of the podcasts, it was Jafar who convinced Misko to incorporate Rx in the very heart of Angular.

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