Andrey (azangru) wrote,

I didn't follow the Trump impeachment trial, just glanced some retweets in devs twitter feeds that were predictably like this:

But today, listening to the last Unfilter episode, I heard an extract from a Trump defense speech — and I have to confess that it resonated with me much stronger than the extracts from accusatory speeches that Unfilter played a week ago. The defense speech I heard was, in essence, about the consistency in the rules of the game. If you spend over four years talking about how much you would like to punch the president, or assassinate the president, or blow up the white house, or fight, fight, fight and so on (all fair sentiment, which I can understand, although not share), you don't get to get all Pickachu-faced and astonished when Trump does the same. You either reject all rhetoric of this sort and behave like cultured, well-mannered human beings — or you embrace it and see how it plays out. Encouraging this rhetoric on the one side and condemning it on the other is duplicitous.

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