Andrey (azangru) wrote,

From a job advert for frontend developers:

- You’re stellar with React, and you regularly use hooks, portals, and context. Part of why you’re so solid with those is because “Vanilla JavaScript” is a happy place for you; you deeply understand how those work, and you’re just fine working with or without frameworks.

- You understand and practice clean code principles, such as SOLID, DRY, and YAGNI, and how to apply them to the problems at hand.

Now, SOLID is a very concrete set of principles relevant for object-oriented programming. I do not think I have ever consciously written anything according to the SOLID principles. I have written UI components; but whether a component has a "single responsibility", I have no idea. Besides, they often weren't classes. The open/closed principle, even after uncle Bob's explanations, is still a mystery to me. I have almost never written subclasses; so I had no need for Liskov substitution principle. Don't know if structural typing in typescript, which we do all the time because this is the nature of the language, counts as an example of Liskov substitution... And I have never properly understood what the point of dependency injection is. Angular famously does it; they even invented their bespoke module system to enable this; I've no idea why. Compared to non-Angular codebases, it doesn't look especially compelling.

In any case, if SOLID at least has some theoretical foundation worth talking about, DRY and especially YAGNI are almost unquantifiable gut feelings.

And given that, before namedropping SOLID, they mention React, which is emphatically non-object-oriented, one has to wonder how much bullshit is in this text.

- On top of being a great front-end engineer yourself, you are proud to mentor others to level up the entire team.

Oh, come on, proud? Not "capable", not "willing", not "happy" even – but "proud"? How pompously American is that!

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