Andrey (azangru) wrote,

My complaint is not so much about the invention of public shaming as about the regression to it. The word puritanism, which immediately jumps to mind when I consider this topic, is, for me, associated with something both hypocritical, intolerant and oppressive — and unenlightened and obsolete. The literary and cultural tradition, I thought, starting from the age of romanticism or maybe sentimentalism, rebelled against the conformist and ossified groupthink. I am not especially interested in gay rights, or trans rights, or disabled people's rights, or national/religious minorities' rights; but surely, I thought, as the society grows more tolerant (as I thought it was) to the oddities of strangers, it would be able to accommodate the unconventional elements from other nooks and crannies of life as well.

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    This is a good summation:

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