Andrey (azangru) wrote,

I am not particularly interested in the ethical side of these proclamations (apparently, W3C has formulated ethical web principles and web platform design principles, which he is referencing in the thread), but speaking purely from the technological standpoint, what he says requires developer maturity:

I remember how my search for an employer in 2016 was driven primarily by the desire to use a specific tech stack. If I were looking for a new employer today, I would be most tempted by companies that have jumped off the frameworks bandwagon, are conscious of performance metrics and site accessibility, and are betting on web components. Which means that while I have hopefully become a tad more mature, I am still driven primarily by the opportunities to learn shiny things. I suppose the more experienced a developer gets, the more their attention shifts from the tools themselves to ensuring the quality of the product.

Uncle Bob used to say that since every x years (I don't remember whether it was every year of every 5 years, or some other period) the number of programmers doubles, at any given moment half of programmers are inexperienced. Or something like that — I hope I am not butchering his words too much. It shows. Being inexperienced, we can't help being fixated on tools.

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