Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Although I don't like that people get booted from social media, what concerns me more is how web-unfriendly the alleged free-speech alternatives are:

Take parler, for instance; although maybe I am not taking it properly. You can't just peek inside and look around and see for yourself if there's anything interesting going on. No. First, you need to create an account.

Same with locals. Create an account first. Content later.

(Needless to say that I am too lazy to do either.)

Gab is actually web-friendly. But pretty useless.

From the web usability perspective, Hacker News is probably the best thing (is is a social network? I don't know) that I have experienced. But it doesn't have communities/channels focused on specific topics, like reddit does. And reddit has been turning to shit for a long time.

I do have fond memories of fido; but they are ancient and unreliable, and likely biased by the novelty of technology.

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