Andrey (azangru) wrote,

From Hacker News:

Dev 1 to Dev 2, a principal engineer on project Fuchsia: "Since you're here, "abarth", it took me several clicks to get to the OWNERS file and all I saw was a list of email addresses. Calling that "governance" is... could we at least get some names and maybe brief bios on these people?"

Dev 2 to Dev 1: "I understand where you're coming from, but that ends up being an inclusion issue in the project. I'm comfortable having my name and bio "out there" on the Internet, but I recognize that's a privilege. Not everyone who contributes to the project will be comfortable doing that."

Everything is a bloody privilege nowadays, and all privilege is suspect! One might have thought that if someone is uncomfortable with putting one's name and bio "out there", one is welcome to skip either or both; but apparently, "being an inclusion issue", it ended up with no-one providing any.

Not that I am especially interested in Fuchsia or its lead developers; I am just fascinated with the language and reasoning.

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