Andrey (azangru) wrote,

I knew of judge Napolitano, seen his face on the screen a couple of times; but I've never properly listened to him. I don't think I even registered that he mostly appeared on Fox. This time, I clicked on a youtube suggestion, and was treated to his talk about the theory of human rights and its relation to the constitutional history of the US:

And then another one:

Shame there isn't a recorded lecture course by him. In those one-off talks, he repeats himself quite a bit; something he wouldn't have done were his lectures building one upon another. But as a speaker, he is great!

I find myself in a curious position after watching his talks. On the one hand, I find it hard to believe in natural law, sharing Harari's opinion that human rights are a fiction we keep telling each other and thus believe in. On the other hand I strongly favor the individual over the state (which is but another fiction), and find it hard to recognize the legitimacy of state's power over the individual, which is difficult to do without resorting to natural law.

Obviously, I haven't really thought about any of it or studied any of it properly.

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