Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Cool. I certainly suck balls at accessibility, never having had a chance/need to study and apply it; and it doesn't look like my current job will teach me much in this department either — accessibility is very much down our decision makers' list. At least I understand the appeal. But there is so much bullshit in the description! A frontend developer — a frontend fucking developer, for a moment; a tech grunt, a code monkey — should, according to the description, have the following:

- Communicating information. You are able to communicate effectively across organisational, technical and political boundaries. You know how to make complex and technical information and language simple and accessible for non-technical audiences. You collaborate effectively with others.

Yup. That's not the manager or the product owner; that's frontend developer.

- Leadership and guidance. You can interpret a vision to lead on decisions. You create a collaborative environment and maintain a good service. You can understand and resolve technical disputes across varying levels of complexity and risk. You can solve issues and unblock problems.

Fuck me! A frontend developer should interpret visions and lead on decisions. And be able to create a collaborative environment. Frontend developer, not a manager.

- Community collaboration. You contribute to the work of others while having the ability to build, motivate and empower teams. You create the right environment for teams to work in and are able to facilitate the best team makeup depending on the situation. You give and receive constructive feedback, facilitating the feedback loop. You recognise and deal with issues.

You have the ability to build, motivate, and empower teams. And you are not a tech lead, no; you are a frontend developer.

-Strategic thinking. You have an overall perspective on business issues, events, activities and their wider implications and long-term impact. This could include determining patterns, standards, policies, roadmaps and vision statements. You focus on outcomes rather than solutions and activities.

Oh, piss off!!!

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