Andrey (azangru) wrote,

A recent episode of the Undefined podcast exemplifying what I think a good tech podcast should be. It has two great guests — Evan You, the creator of Vue, and Rich Harris, the creator of Svelte — and two fairly knowledgeable hosts, Jared Palmer and Ken Wheeler, who have both done some open-source work in the React community. It is raw, it is (or at least appears to be) unedited, it's funny, not family-friendly, not beginner-oriented. It's just four guys, all experienced web developers, deep in conversation about the subjects that are interesting to them, inviting the audience to listen in, as it were. If someone from the audience doesn't understand the concepts that are being discussed, well, too bad for them. There's no pandering to the audience, no interrupting each other asking to explain certain concepts for the benefit of less knowledgeable listeners — something that annoyed the hell out of me about JSJabber of several years ago, where one of the panelists, Aimee Knight, herself then a recent graduate from a bootcamp (why did they put her on a panel?) would interject every once in a while with what predictably started with something like "for those of our listeners who are newer to web development, could you explain yada-yada". Funny, by the way, how she has stopped doing that as she became a more experienced developer.

The http 203 podcast is like that as well — two very knowledgeable and pretty funny developers chilling out and talking on quite advanced webby topics. While the Smashing podcast, or JS Party on changelog are more like the JS Jabber.

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