Andrey (azangru) wrote,

This is insane: Vercel, a company that formed around a React-based framework called Next.js, held an online conference last week, which they streamed publicly on youtube, and immediately after the conference ended, switched the video to private.

It makes no fucking sense. The conference was free, the conference was streamed publicly, the conference was intended to promote their product — and then they go ahead and close the access to the recording?

Even if what they are planning to do is to cut the stream into individual videos, put them all neatly in a playlist, and then share them publicly — which I believe is their plan, they may be crazy but they are not that crazy — it still doesn't make any sense. What's wrong with keeping both the full recording of the conference, and individual videos as they become ready, like Google does when it holds its conferences.

Not that it's a big loss, they aren't Google-quality talks after all, and the one I did catch while the stream was still open was horrendous, but still. It's bewildering.

P.S. I see TSConf-2020 has started to release its videos. Three weeks after the event, gosh!

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