Andrey (azangru) wrote,

From an article Douglas Murray wrote for, begging your pardon, the New York Post, which has become an especially dirty word lately. It's probably the first article from the Post that I've ever seen; but I keep reminding myself to read the one about Hunter.

Anyway, here goes Murray:

The world owes the United States a great debt. From security and trade to technology and culture, the world has so much to thank America for. But one American export we don’t all appreciate are your culture wars.

I was born in Britain, and as I write, my own country keeps getting roiled by culture wars imported from yours.

Three years ago, when the United States had its MeToo moment, it flooded straight across to Britain. It took down, among others, a UK defense minister who 15 years earlier had put his hand on a female journalist’s knee. It was a very British sex scandal, for it involved no sex. But it had all the fury and certainty of America’s sexual counterrevolution.

This week, when a Democratic senator started pretending that the term “sexual preference” is a homophobic slur, the legacy gay press in Britain ran with the same crock claim. Within hours, a term everyone in Britain — including gay people — politely used until yesterday had become a “hate term.”

And, of course, thanks to Black Lives Matter, a very American race-debate has been transplanted wholesale into the UK.

Four years ago, I watched the first major BLM protest in Britain. Echoing the false claims about what had happened in Ferguson, Mo., these protesters marched along London’s Oxford Street with their hands in the air chanting, “Hands up, don’t shoot.” Along the route, the protesters were escorted and kept safe by unarmed British police officers, who couldn’t have shot the protesters if they had wanted to.

But the radicals who are trying to impose America’s race wars onto British society keep getting their way.

[... skipping several paragraphs of boring piffle about monuments ...]

Ours is a culture war that is now continuously echoing and imitating the culture wars ripping through your great country. I love the United States, as do most of my fellow countrymen. But, oh boy, do we wish you would keep this stuff to yourselves.

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