Andrey (azangru) wrote,

I've been thinking about the Russian words мудозвон and пиздобол, and what their English counterparts would be, when I remembered a story by Bryan Lunduke, from back when he was doing some journalisty stuff for a linux magazine. It was around the time KDE Neon was first released, and Bryan said something opinionated and probably silly about it, and then, as he writes, reached out to Jonathan Riddell, the Scottish founder of the project, to ask for an interview.

Riddell's response, Lunduke bemusedly reports (written response in transcribed dialect? or an oral retort?), was: "awa an boil yer heid ye twonkle". I've never found what a twonkle is, although there's a twonk in urban dictionary, and there is of course the everyone's favorite twat; but yeah, I can see why he would say something like that about Bryan.

Anyway, the words мудозвон and пиздобол come to mind when I see Dave Rubin. I mentally contrast him with Joe Rogan then. What Joe has going for him is authenticity. He sounds like a regular guy, sometimes maybe not very bright, sometimes surprisingly astute; but he is (or at least comes off as) real and earnest. Dave, in contrast, is a sleazeball. Many of his questions are fake — he sometimes would even supply a metacommentary on what a softball he is serving to his interviewee. He has that air of self-important vanity around him ("Don't burn this book", right). He just generally oozes with slime — maybe not so bad as a host on a big news channel, but enough. I did mention how flabbergasted I was to discover that seems to be taking off. Because пиздоболы don't usually bear fruit.

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