Andrey (azangru) wrote,

By the way, looks pretty damn impressive. Completely useless for me, because they are a walled garden, but if what it's showing on its landing page is true, they've pulled a serious technological feat over the last two years, by creating an interactive platform that can host various kinds of content, has all sorts of dashboards for creators, adapts to multiple platforms, and is tastefully designed. I am all the more surprised, because it's a creation of Dave Rubin et al. I thought he was just being a fantasist when he promised to create a new network that would be better and safer for content creators than youtube and patreon. At about the same time, Jordan Peterson was announcing that he was also going to create a social network,, which I doubt that it ever took off., on the other hand, by the looks of it, has every opportunity to succeed.

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    This is actually funny, and not aggressively partisan or moralistic:

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    Someone from JetBrains listing five soft skills: "Number one, communication. Number two, empathy. Number three, respect. Number four, integrity. And…

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    On the scale of holy fucking shit, it's probably right up there next to Australia. Assuming it's true, of course. That second tweet about male…

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