Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Douglas Murray, taking a stab at the sacred cow:

The one I always do if I want to clean a dinner table is to say, what exactly is the idea about the virtue of diversity, identical diversity in every workplace, for instance. There is an argument for it in certain industries, but why is there an argument for it in every industry? If you had a sociology department, I suppose, in a university, you should probably aim for it to be pretty diverse in every imaginable way if you want to address the diversity of sociological analysis; but it's not clear to me why your local butcher's needs to be completely diverse; not clear to me why every board needs to be diverse; it's not clear to me why every creative industry needs to be diverse.


My only objection to his words is that there is no push, as yet, for the workforce at menial jobs to become diverse. The push for diversity is inextricably linked to the quest for prestige and empowerment; so local butcher's is probably safe.

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