Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Sign of making React documentation more "beginner-friendly". A blog post on the React docs site, about the new jsx transform, starts with a section "What’s a JSX Transform?". Which begins with the following sentence: "Browsers don’t understand JSX out of the box, so most React users rely on a compiler like Babel or TypeScript to transform JSX code into regular JavaScript."

Honestly, if the reader doesn't know what jsx is, or does not understand that jsx is a domain-specific language different from javascript and thus incomprehensible to browsers, he does not yet have sufficient background to read a blog post on the new jsx transform. I wonder what percentage of the readers of this blog post has really found this introduction useful.

They don't use the word "codemod" either. Instead, they write: "we’ve also prepared an automated script that will remove the unnecessary imports from your codebase."

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