Andrey (azangru) wrote,

I remember how excited I was by the beginning of the first season of The Boys. It started like a story about superheroes who are quickly revealed as anti-heroes, about manipulation of public opinion, about corporate hypocrisy, and a small group of disenchanted muggles who are seeking revenge on the superheroes. All that with a generous measure of gore and sex. It was easily the most postmodernist superhero show of them all, sufficiently original to be interesting. The events that pushed the mugglest of the muggles on the war path, or the way that they then trapped and killed a superhero were quite enjoyable.

By season 2, the show has deteriorated substantially. No longer is there a battle between the wits of the weak and easily mortal muggles and the raw power of indestructible superheroes; by now, it has regressed to a more traditional model of good superheroes versus bad ones. The plot has degenerated to a bare minimum, reminiscent of a computer game, where protagonists are given a task or a clue by a powerful benefactor, and uncover the next piece of the story line by completing that task. The mockery has become less inventive. The writers even stooped to tracing the roots of the main villain of the season to Nazi Germany, the bluntest instrument of them all. There are some redeeming moments, such as their version of Superman jerking off from a tower overlooking the city; but such moments are few and far between.

I'm bitterly disappointed.

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