Andrey (azangru) wrote,

It's such an incredible bullshit that they held RxJS Live conference online (!) in September (!!) and have not released their videos to the public yet. Don't know if they are going to. Considering that they didn't have to pay anything for a venue or for travel, and that recording the talks should have come at no extra effort or cost, it's shocking they would prefer to keep them closed.

I've been seeing more and more conferences do this lately. What started like an open party for all back in spring and summer (Google's event was outstanding; Github's was great too) has gradually started to sprout walls...

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    Twelve thousand people pressed the button. Obviously most of them his followers, but still... interesting:

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    Tweeted and retweeted by developers. Dunno. Been working for me. Can't speak to excellence, but certainly lots of stimulating humiliation:

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