Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Small-c conservatives on Twitter, often labelled as racists, misogynists and transphobes, have found a weapon to fight back — pedophiles. Apparently there's a show called Cuties on Netflix, which the left are rather fond of, because feminism gender identity anti-patriarchy something something. The show depicts four eleven-year-old girls dancing in a, reportedly, unbecomingly erotic manner. So there you have it, whoever approves of the show because they are ideologically aligned with its message, must be a pedophile. And people who tweet about this stuff seem genuinely concerned, the way the other side looks concerned when it gets all worked up about colors and sexes.

It reminded me of debates in the British parliament around the time Johnson got elected. "You xenophobic racists!" threw Labour at the Tories. "You communist antisemites!" threw the Tories back at Labour.

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