Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Saw several people on Twitter obsessing over this. "Segregation," they say.

(from University of Michigan)

I think this makes nothing but sense. In a world where there are all sorts of groups specifically for people with particular skin pigmentation, sex, or sexual orientation, why shouldn't otherwise endowed people also have their fun? Not that the above non-POC cafe hosted by the Center for Social Justice and Inclusion and promising attendants to discuss their experience as non-POCs on campus and in the world sounds like that much of a fun, but that's beside the point.

In a video by Benjamin Boyce documenting the Evergreen story, one of the earliest documented events is when someone responded to a Facebook post calling for "people of color" to join a particular class that they wanted to make a "mostly brown/black class", with a post of their own, duplicating the content of the first, but replacing the name of the course with a different one and the skin color with white. That second post produced a bit of a rumpus, while the first post had been accepted as normal. University of Michigan is just more consistent.


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