Andrey (azangru) wrote,

These are troll tactics of present-day twitter wars.

A tweet by a vigilant leftie:

the screenshot of a line (looks like a bit of json; don't know whether it was just lying around in the html or what she meant by the source code):

If I'd have seen an html page with what looks like bits of overlooked incriminating evidence lurking in the html, I too would have probably believed that Shapiro had had something to do with the site, e.g. created it to highlight it in his media. But the reality has a better lesson to teach, and this lesson is, you can't fully trust what you see on the internet. The real creator of the site turned up, and confessed that the site was intended as a joke, and that:

as an aside joke, i thought it’d be funny to drop ben shapiro’s name and public email into the source code. i figured that in a few weeks someone would see it and maybe people would annoy ben. what happened is that someone thought that ben started the site and rumors went wild. the daily dot asked for a quick interview and i gave one in order to stoke the flames because… well… fuck ben shapiro.


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    O M G 🤦

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    I have no idea who that Naomi Wolf lady is, but that tweet, the one mentioned as unavailable: was removed for violating the Twitter rules. Out…

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