Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Here's what the young Ben Shapiro wrote in his first book (Brainwashed: How universities indoctrinate America's youth):

There is no such thing as a neutral or objective claim,”- said Professor
Joshua Muldavin of UCLA. It was early in the quarter, and the professor was
explaining to our class that there is no such thing as capital-T Truth. There is no
right and wrong, no good and evil, he taught. We must always remember that we
are subjective beings, and as such, all of our values are subjective.

It’s a load of bunk. Of course evil exists. Anyone who believes there is an
excuse for rape is evil. Anyone who believes in killing disabled children is evil.
Anyone who flies planes into buildings with the intent of killing civilians is evil.

But not according to the professors.


And here's Ben Shapiro now, basically arguing the case for the historicity and relativity of moral values:


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