Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Clippings from the press

1. Seeing this playful headline in the Times, I was expecting the popular classicist to expose Johnson’s embarrassing grammatical mistakes in his quotes from Latin — but far from it. The professor is sore at Johnson because he uses Latin quotes while being a conservative, and thus perpetuating the stereotype that classics are only for the unfashionable posh upper-class kids with conservative tendencies. That's a bit of a ridiculous point to report on.

2. I've heard Pinker was under attack, but didn't know what for. Or maybe he was under attack for a different reason — for signing that open letter about free speech and dialogue or something. Anyway, the cause of the attack that this article gives is utterly bananas. It's in the same league as attacking a hapless driver who showed an ok sign that someone interpreted as a sign of white power.

3. The New York Times ran an article with a syntactically strange headline: "Suspect Is Arrested in Grisly Killing of Tech C.E.O. Fahim Saleh" (is arrested in grisly killing?). They’ve since updated the headline to read: "Tech C.E.O.’s Former Assistant Charged With His Grisly Murder".

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