Andrey (azangru) wrote,

This sent a fairly big wave yesterday — reddit updated its content policy. (It also banned thousands of communities, but that's a different topic.)

The updated policy states that the rule on banning users or communities because of "hate" will be enforced only when the "hate" is directed against "marginalized or vulnerable groups". Those marginalized or vulnerable groups, it follows from the rule, may "hate" all they want, no-one is stopping that; but the "hate" directed at those groups will not be tolerated.


Even without the inevitable pigment-related comments, this statement is a headscratcher. It does not oppose undesirable behavior uniformly, but only in those groups that are perceived to be "stronger". The "weak" groups are free to behave as meanly as they wish.

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    O M G 🤦

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    I have no idea who that Naomi Wolf lady is, but that tweet, the one mentioned as unavailable: was removed for violating the Twitter rules. Out…

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