Andrey (azangru) wrote,

I missed this little bit of recent drama from the React community, which even was reported by some mainstream media, such as Reuters (because Facebook bad, obv).

Apparently, Brandon Dail from React core team asked a co-worker from a different team (Recoil) to put the BLM banner on their docs page, as React has done. The co-worker refused, reluctant to mix work with politics. Brandon then outed him on Twitter:

probably causing a mini-explosion of the other dev's inbox, because he has since gone private.

He was then fired from Facebook, which has made it into the news:

Imagine that peer pressure to virtue signal and the shaming that one can be subjected to if one refuses. Imagine also choosing technology ("consider that next time you think of Recoil") on the basis on whether their developers are virtuous enough. It makes me sick.

And the joke is, no matter how liberal, how woke and how virtuous that developer was; in the eyes of the properly righteous he will still remain just another white man:


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