Andrey (azangru) wrote,

They have taken ReactRouter docs offline.
Let this sink in.
They have taken ReactRouter docs offline.
"The React Router docs are temporarily offline out of respect..."

Imagine typing man tar, because of course you forgot the options, to discover that man won't open today out of respect. Or imagine going to github or StackOverflow, only to be greeted with a page that explains that they’ve taken their service offline for a while, but won't you be a good sport, express your solidarity and donate to a cause.

It is one thing to support a cause privately. To root for it, to donate to it, even to walk around with a badge or a sign if you think it important that passers-by know how you feel — knock yourself out. But to impose your support of a cause on others — ?

Argh, how I wish for a virtual world that exists in complete disregard of this physical one!

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