Andrey (azangru) wrote,

What surprised me about the British media last week — and apparently the public at large, who consumes this crap and then regurgitates the cud back so as to feed subsequent news cycles — is how much of a fuck they gave about Dominic Cummnigs’ car journey that had taken place almost two months prior in violation of lockdown rules. I understand that they hate the guy, whom they paint as a modern-day Rasputin; but this bloodthirstiness, this eagerness to see him get sacked, the degree of schadenfreude is just obscene. I don't know whether he had a key role in the introduction of the lockdown, as I heard some suggest he did, but he never impressed me as a sanctimonious prick who preaches one thing and then does the opposite, and who therefore is so deserving of the punishment. He is just a consistently mildly villainous figure with a possible touch of evil genius; someone potentially interesting who it would be a shame to lose.

Although I do confess that my impression of him is heavily influenced by the portrayal of him by Benedict Cumberbatch.

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