Andrey (azangru) wrote,

The recent scandal around the philological faculty of the Moscow State could provide valuable material to the future historian, if only social media were not so damn ephemeral and impenetrable to search. It could show how the strongly feminist social justice movement of the anglophone world has been penetrating the minds of West-oriented students in large Russian cities; the aping that may even look comical. It could show the instinctive resistance to this creep by the old guard of the faculty and by the more traditionally minded or liberal-(libertarian?)-thinking students — I’ve seen one reflect on the decades of Soviet sanctimoniousness and on how sad it would be to sink back into that. It could show the tremendous power of social media that amplified an article in an internet student magazine (should I add obscure? but then the entire modern Russian culture is mostly obscure to me) to a degree that I would never have anticipated (I still think of internet communication as involving just small groups of people; and can't get used to the scale with which the social media can blow things up). It could show the normalization of the word авторка in the Russian language.

I haven't really been following it much, but see occasional references to it now and again, and can't help thinking what a fascinating material it might afford. Of course the first to reap the harvest will be journalists. Such as the one mentioned here — this burst of contempt made me smile:

(BTW, an interesting misspelling of the word harassment in the screenshot above, which, Google estimates, is more popular than the more appropriate transliteration)

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