Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Here's one of the reasons I don't like art critics. I remember — very vaguely, since it was 20 years ago — thoroughly enjoying both Brat and Brat 2, which, as I thought at the time, were very decent action movies, surprisingly good by Russian standards. I did not extract any "message" from them; I just appreciated them as entertainment. It never crossed my mind that any of them could in any way be -ist, or -phobic, or otherwise problematic, and that the proper response to them was supercilious disdain. I am grateful I was blissfully ignorant of any reviews that could have pooped on that party.


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    This is actually funny, and not aggressively partisan or moralistic:

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    Someone from JetBrains listing five soft skills: "Number one, communication. Number two, empathy. Number three, respect. Number four, integrity. And…

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    On the scale of holy fucking shit, it's probably right up there next to Australia. Assuming it's true, of course. That second tweet about male…

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