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I do not remember when I started following the political(?) news, even to the little extent that I am doing now. I remember that as late as in the 2000s I was largely unaware of it. The two programs that got me hooked were The Daily Show, which I discovered too late, somewhere around 2010, and the Unfilter show. I think RT also helped a little, because they were an English-language channel that was streaming freely on the internet, and some of their shows were relatively watchable.

The Unfilter show was a weekly video podcast created by two dudes, one of whom had also hosted the Linux Action Show, which had been my gateway drug into the world of Linux. Unfilter was a commentary on the news clipped from major news channels — a format that, as one of the hosts confessed in one of the episodes, they copied from the No Agenda Show podcast. But where the No Agenda Show is cranky, and likes to dip into conspiracy theories, or whose hosts pretend to be smart while in fact being surprisingly ill-informed, the Unfilter show was more modest, and down-to-earth; and their tech-y hosts were very relatable.

I was sad when, in 2018, they decided to stop the show. One of the hosts got a job as a technician or an engineer in a local news company; and the other, as it turned out, was about to sell his podcasting company, Jupiter Broadcasting, to Linux Academy, which, I suspect, did not take kindly to a political show running on that network, especially since it wasn’t exactly "progressive", and thus not entirely kosher.

It was a pleasant surprise therefore to discover that the host of Unfilter, probably as a way to vent his frustration during the coronavirus crisis, decided to relaunch the show a couple of months back. It has changed its format — it has become an audio podcast — but the spirit is still there.

I've been listening to episode 301 today, when I heard the circumstantial confirmation of my suspicion of why the Unfilter was removed from Jupiter Broadcasting. Here’s the host, Chris Fisher:

Just today, I've been getting a lot of crap on twitter about downplaying the coronavirus. You see, this is what happens — I come on the show, and I say, let's not panic; let's take a centered view at everything; let's try to be intellectual, listen to all sides of the conversation; and I didn't come on the show, and I didn't say "Freak out, there's gonna be two hundred and forty deaths" ... So was I wrong for not freaking out? Apparently. Apparently it's not good enough. See, apparently the Unfilter show is so toxic that people have to unsubscribe from all JB [Jupiter Broadcasting] shows, even though that has nothing to do with Jupiter Broadcasting; but because I am so vile for not panicking about the coronavirus, they are unsubbing from all JB shows. It's so ridiculous. (link, at 31:41)

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