Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Someone at The Spectator reviewed Dave Rubin’s book entitled Don’t Burn This Book.

I remember someone on Reddit, when the book was announced, quipped that thinking that your book is going to be important enough to warrant burning is a sure sign of a narcissist.

Anyway, apparently Rubin wrote this:

‘…look at what happened to Ukraine. It gave up its nukes to become a Nato country (which guarantees protection to all subscribed nations if attacked), but when Russia invaded Crimea, Ukraine got zero support. The country gave up its most potent weapons for a signed bit of paper, which meant absolutely nothing. Think Ukraine regrets that now?’

Somehow failing to even check whether Ukraine happens to be a member of NATO.

The conclusion: "Don’t Burn This Book is not a serious work. It is, in fact, extremely lazy, bearing all the hallmarks of a project that was knocked together over a few wet weekends."

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