Andrey (azangru) wrote,

It’s as if the Smashing Magazine has recently been taken over by Nigeria. Three recent articles, three different Nigerian authors, and that does not exhaust the list of their Nigerian correspondents. Really surprising to see this in a web magazine based in Germany, whose founder is Belarusian and whose editors include Brits and Americans. It’s not as if Nigeria were especially famous for its web development...


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    This is bullshit, right? Immediately after the 1917 revolution education was in shambles. And there were still several years of the civil war to…

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    I was stumped by the asterisks in the second bleeped word. Could only think of hand, but that's not what it was. In any case, it's a perfectly…

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    Which/whose corporate interests is he talking about? Which corporations are interested in what? I am so confused.

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