Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Here, I am embarrassed to say, is the woman who has been my muse over this last weekend:

Last week someone showed me a youtube video of her talking to Andrey Karaulov about the new coronavirus, which was more of a pretext for her to talk about her own old obsessions with genetically modified organisms. It’s been a long while since I’ve last been fed such a load of bullcrap at a time; so I became fascinated with this stupid hag to the point that I recorded a video about her interview. It's been fun, and educational in various ways (it was the first time I used OBS in anger, and it took me several attempts to figure out the proper way of making still frames in Kdenlive), and oddly satisfying, because I can now finally purge her out of my head. Here is the video, if anyone’s interested:

and here is her spewing the same bloody nonsense in a more official setting (is it the academy where she works?), a month before:


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    O M G 🤦

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