Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Joe Rogan, at about 2:33:50: "I think, we should be really careful, even with bad pieces of art, of shielding people from the reality of our own evolution..."


"Don’t hide it, because then you make it forbidden. If you make it forbidden, you make it attractive. If nobody gave a fuck about swastikas ... the fact that if you have a swastika tattoo it's so awful, that makes morons want to get one, it makes them want to spark up a taboo".

I agree with Rogan here. Prohibitions make people care, where I’d much rather they didn’t.

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    OMG, a Russian clone of MasterClass! The original for comparison:

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    Sanjay Gupta on Joe Rogan: yes, I agree, they shouldn't have said horse dewormer; no, I don't know why they did; no, they shouldn't have done that;…

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