Andrey (azangru) wrote,

1. Oh, so that must be, at least partially, the context of Dawkins’s tweet (still don’t know who said eugenics won’t work, which he argues against):

Cartoonists have also joined in:

But imagine the utter boneheadedness of it all. There are no eugenics programs at the moment (wait until they perfect all that human cloning and CRISPR stuff though); so the whole conversation is purely an abstract argument about hypothetical ethical questions, and not even an argument at that, just declaring one’s moral beliefs. What does it say of a government (company, crowd, etc.) that it cannot tolerate people with twisted ethics, even if the work they are doing is not directly influenced by their system of beliefs?

2. The Times reports on climate activists who, in protest, dug up a lawn of a Cambridge college. Local Cambridge community is starting to get more than a little annoyed, because green is good and fashionable and all, but why should it disrupt their normal life? It would be fun to watch this internal battle between their good-natured climate awareness and their rising resentment at the wanton, unceremonious interference with the normal daily life


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