Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Clippings from the media

1) The Times reports that the High Court ruled in favor of Henry Miller, who was warned by the police, and had a criminal record, with the crime of a type non-crime, put to his name (I already ranted about it here). He was interviewed by the BBC on PM yesterday, by the way, and presented his case in a way that lacks the clarity I would like to hear. He is making the point that he is not anti-trans, but rather pro-women; while the message I would prefer to hear would be much more general: that no-one should be prosecuted for expressing their opinion, no matter how unpopular, uncivil, ugly or inflammatory it might be.

2) An article about fashionable identitarian topics of the leftist discourse:

3) Satirical reflection on this week’s British cabinet reshuffle. I wonder what the word Cox in "I'll be really disappointed if you don't sack Cox" was misheard as. Cucks?

4) Letting go of Javid. A different cartoon style:

5) Meanwhile, the Economist worries about Putin:

6) Here's a case of a strange punctuation. I would have never put a comma after "secretive". In fact, I think having a comma there alters the meaning of the sentence (when secretive, the Leninist parties behave one way; when non-secretive, the other). I wonder if the comma is actually required:

7) A very good obituary of the Chinese ophthalmologist:


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