Andrey (azangru) wrote,

I don’t know how many exaggerations or embellishments are in his story, and how many legal mistakes he makes in its retelling — but it is impressive and disconcerting. Someone feels strongly about all that transgender stuff, and probably gets a bit too vocal on Twitter, after which he is contacted by the police, who lecture him on his thinking, but what’s worse, he gets a criminal case opened against him, which says he is guilty of hate speech, but also, confusingly, classifies his crime as non-crime.

It just feels that things are going to hell, and the reason things are going to hell is because the society accepted that there is such a thing as hate crime, and hate speech, whatever the f that is, is an example. If instead the society established that people are legally free to express whatever effed up beliefs and opinions they want, and that only physical assaults are criminally punishable, it would have been so much simpler. There aren’t that many nutters to make much of a difference anyway.

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    Twelve thousand people pressed the button. Obviously most of them his followers, but still... interesting:

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    There's a recent supercut about how different media spun the Joe Rogan takes a horse dewormer story. What made the biggest impression on me is the…

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    Tweeted and retweeted by developers. Dunno. Been working for me. Can't speak to excellence, but certainly lots of stimulating humiliation:

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