Andrey (azangru) wrote,

I’ve been listening to Full Dark, No Stars, a collection of four novellas by Stephen King, and his third one, Fair Extension, is brilliant. The novellas in the collection, as suggested in the annotation, all deal with the theme of retribution; and while the first one is very traditional, following the pattern of Poe’s Black Cat, where the villain protagonist is methodically punished for his transgression; the second one is more entertaining, where the protagonist does the punishing; but the third one takes the cake — it’s a curious amalgam of motifs from Faust and Job, and in a delightfully amoral and nonjudgmental way allows the protagonist, who takes revenge on an unfair world, to go completely unpunished. I haven’t yet listened to the fourth story, but I would be surprised if he manages to outdo the third one.

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