Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Cartoons by Morten Morland

Here’s a good one. Boris is depicted as a combination of Churchill (bowler hat, victory sign) and a king (a crown and a mantle). Libdems lost their leader. And labour has plunged into pre-election frenzy. The insectoid Rebecca Long-Bailey (Wrong-Daily, as Rod Liddle calls her) is clearly recognizable in the bottom. The red-haired face to her right is probably Jess Philips (although she also has prominent teeth; so I would have thought that the mouth in the top right corner is hers). The male face behind Corbyn’s hat must be Keir Starmer, the favorite of the race. The woman to the right of him must be Emily Thornbery. The man to the right of Corbyn is Clive Lewis.

This is another cartoonist (from the Independent?), also commenting on Keir Starmer as the most likely candidate:

Back to Morland. Not sure how to read this cartoon — whether it’s Trump hitting the ayatollah with a beehive for a head, or whether it’s him crashing into a beehive on the ayatollah’s head; but in any case, this has irritated a lot of bees:


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